Targets and Services

You may interact with Cobalt Strike's target information through View -> Targets. This tab displays the same information as the Targets Visualization.

Press Import to import a file with target information. Cobalt Strike accepts flat text files with one host per line. It also accepts XML files generated by NMap (the –oX option).

Press Add to manually add new targets to Cobalt Strike's data model.

Add Target

Add Target

This dialog allows you to add multiple hosts to Cobalt Strike's database. Specify a range of IP addresses or use CIDR notation in the Address field to add multiple hosts at one time. Hold down shift when you click Save to add hosts to the data model and keep this dialog open.

Select one or more hosts and right-click to bring up the hosts menu. This menu is where you change the note on the hosts, set their operating system information, or remove the hosts from the data model.


From a targets display, right-click a host, and select Services. This will open Cobalt Strike's services browser. Here you may browse services, assign notes to different services, and remove service entries as well.