Payload Generator

Cobalt Strike's Payload Generator outputs sourcecode and artifacts to stage a Cobalt Strike listener onto a host. Think of this as the Cobalt Strike version of msfvenom.

To generate a payload, go to Attacks -> Packages -> Payload Generator.

Set the Listener option to the Cobalt Strike listener you would like to output a payload for.

Use Output to choose what type of output you would like. Most options give you shellcode formatted as a byte array for that language. There are a few options that give you something you can immediately use though:

COM Scriptlet A .sct file to run a listener
PowerShell PowerShell script to run shellcode
PowerShell Command PowerShell one-liner to run a Beacon stager.
Raw blob of position independent shellcode.
Veil Custom shellcode suitable for use with the Veil Evasion Framework.


Check the Use x64 payload box to generate an x64 stager for the selected listener.