Popup Hooks

The following popup hooks are available in Cobalt Strike:

Hook Where Arguments
aggressor Cobalt Strike Menu
attacks Attacks Menu
beacon [session] $1 = selected beacon IDs (array)
beacon_top [session] $1 = selected beacon IDs (array)
beacon_bottom [session] $1 = selected beacon IDs (array)
credentials Credential Browser $1 = selected credential rows (array of hashes)
filebrowser [file in file browser] $1 = beacon ID, $2 = folder, $3 = selected files (array)
help Help Menu
pgraph [pivot graph]
processbrowser Process Browser $1 = Beacon ID, $2 = selected processes (array)
processbrowser_multi Multi-Session Process Browser $1 = selected processes (array)
reporting Reporting Menu
ssh [SSH session] $1 = selected session IDs (array)
targets [host] $1 = selected hosts (array)
targets_other [host] $1 = selected hosts (array)
view View Menu